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Hot MILF Cougar sitting on her cubs face

If there is one thing cougar MILF are good at it is providing sustenance for their young cubs. In this hot video we have a from Cougar-Porn.com we have a big boob blonde MILF that knows her little cub is thirsty. She lets him lap up her juices from her sopping wet pussy. In nature nothing is wasted.

I got into cougar sex when I started having a thing for by best friends mom. She was divorced and it boggled my mind as to why. She was super hot – trophy wife hot! Why did my buddy’s dad leave her? Anyway, one day when I went over there to see if he was around she told me he was at soccer practice and invited me inside to wait for him.

As I sat there waiting she brought me some lemonade and seemed to be trying to give me a good shot of her breasts. Like a horny boy would my eyes couldn’t stop looking at her enormous tits. She noticed my inability to look away from them, and to my surprise, she pulled down her tube top so they came plopping out right in front of my face.

There must be some kind of laws of attraction that govern the physics behind how a MILF breast and a cub’s mouth instantly crash into one another with the cub locking down on the nipple to suckle because that is one happened. It was so instant that it took me about ten seconds just to realize I was sucking on her enormous juggs!

If you had an early cougar experience with a hot MILF you are probably into watching mature women fucking like I am. If so, you need to click on that picture above and watch the video. It will leave you wishing you were balls deep in some hot cougar pussy.