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There are two types of wives for every river rat. There are the ones the river rat leaves at home to save face and there are the ones like Lisa Sparks he wouldn’t dream of leaving at home. She is too fucking hot!

Hot MILF like Lisa do things those homebody MILF bitches won’t do for a number of reasons. Lisa will lick her own nipples for instance. She will flash her tits for passing boaters enjoyment. She will flash the gash if you are picking up the beer tab. She is a fun person to be around.

It could be said that Lisa Sparks has no shame. She will try anything once and if she likes it she makes it a regular thing. Lisa likes a lot of things so she is having sex several times a day. Whether it be with a dildo, a cucumber or a cock, this girl is getting her rocks off now more than she ever did as a teenager!

Come and watch the show. And when I say show I mean the cam shows. They are free for her LisaSparks.com members!

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