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Slow down there, Tex. She ain’t going anywhere… Then again, what do I care? In fact, this is more entertaining… FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS BITCH!

MILF Thing doesn’t make droopy MILF porn. Everything their parent company does is top notch and out of this world. They are the leaders of Gonzo style porn. Porn where things get more than a little out-of-hand. Honestly, I don’t think these hot MILF babes had any idea of what they were getting themselves into before they signed on the dotted line and shooting started!

At MILF Thing soccer moms are recruited and given full reign to do anything they want. Before you know it, Mrs. PTA board member is shuttling guys around by their nads and whipping young studs left and right. Do they become addicted? Um… Yeah!

The guy above had better ram this bitch with his cock. This might be the only chance at driving the car he is going to get tonight!

Everything is unbelievably crystal clear at MILF Thing. These people were shooting in high definition long before HD TVs became the norm in most American households. Why? Because your average 17” monitor has been able to handle HD since the year 2000! Like usual, porn set the bar that everyone else had to match.

Grab a pass and see for yourself where the Big Bang of HD all started!