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Porn is all about fantasy… and who wouldn’t want to fuck the hell out of this fantastically hot MILF from My Friends Hot Mom? Blue eyes, big tits, grip-tight hips and a nickname of "Hoover", this is exactly what hot MILF fantasies are made of!

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When it comes to banging My Friends Hot Mom, nobody does it like Billy!

This brother from another mother doesn’t mind taking your mommy in. He is hung and looking for some MILF blowjob action. He is a sly mother-fucker too. He lets the ladies think they are seducing him. That way they go cougar all over his ass!

One look at Deauxma and Billy knew he had to fuck those tits of hers. He was willing to bet his pink slip she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose too. Billy concocted a story about needing a place to stay and possibly dropping out of school. Just like he figured Deauxma took the bait and wanted him to stay the night and receive some carnal tutoring!

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I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity type of guy. Take my friends hot mom Anita Canniball for instance. Her hubby, my friend’s dad, decided to run out on her with his younger secretary. I am thinking, WTF? How do you walk out on this hot MILF?

Anita was always hitting on the guys in the group. She would always ask my buddy if he wanted to invite the guys over for a swim. One day I got a call from her asking if I’d like to come over. I knew my buddy was at his dad’s house for a week so it seemed a bit odd. She noticed I was confused over the phone and said she needed someone to help her with the pool. Leaves and stuff I was thinking.

When I got there my friends hot mom was wearing one of those crochet bathing suits. This one seemed a bit strange compared to others I’d seen because the holes were much larger and I could see her red pussy hair peaking through at me. Not to mention her pink nipples were also poking through her top!

I realized I am staring at my friends hot mom and her tits so I tried to act nonchalant about it.

Once I started on the leaves with the pool net she got to work putting the chlorine in the water. I could swear this hot MILF was bending over way more than was required to do her job. Both forwards and backwards. Now I had to keep my dick from making a fool at of me. My cock was trying to pitch a pup tent like nobody’s business.

When the pool was clean she said now we can enjoy it and pushed me in. I had on a pair of soccer shorts and a t-shirt so it wasn’t like my wallet or my cell phone went in with me. It was odd though. I mean, I know this is my friend’s hot mom and all, but does this bitch really want to fuck me?


She went over to one of her lounge chairs and got a bottle of suntan lotion. I knew exactly where this was headed. She wanted me to rub some on her back and legs. I began at her ankles and worked my way up. It was then that I realized her bathing suit bottoms didn’t have a cotton crotch sewn into them. I could see where my best friend came out of her!

With the sun shining on her backside I could see the light gleaming off of her wet pussy lips. When I got to her back she reached back and undid her bikini top. Her backside was done and it seemed like she had fallen asleep. Shit. This is probably why her hubby left her I thought. I sat on my chair waiting for her to wake the fuck up.

About 30 minutes later she did wakeup. That is, if she was actually sleeping in the first place. I kind’a got the feeling she liked making me wait on purpose. My friends hot mom turned over and lay back down closing her eyes. She commanded me to do her front now.

My hands got shaky when I saw those big tits. I had never experienced a set of tits this big before. Again, I started at the ankles and worked my way up. When I got to her thighs she opened them wider. I got a really good look at that delicious cunt of hers. Her pussy was soaking the bathing suit with her juices. Now I was sure she wasn’t sleeping. She was probably working up the nerve to fuck me.

I moved to her belly and then to her chest. I didn’t know if I should just start rubbing her tits or not. I kind of brought my hands under her tits and almost over her nipples and she moaned. She was loving this. I grabbed the suntan lotion and noticed the bottle was hot from the sun. I let some lotion fall to her nipples and again she moaned.

Time to rub that shit in! Her nipples instantly went hard when I palms ran over them. I couldn’t believe the size of her tits! I used two hands on one and couldn’t even contain it with both hands. I was in heaven. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I was having so much fun rubbing her tits that I didn’t immediately noticed her hand when she ran it up the loose leg of my soccer shorts. She found my cock and went for the head. I was soaked with precum and this hot MILF used to it stroke me off with slow deliberate strokes.

OK, now I was wondering why pops ran out on my friends hot mom again.

She used her other hand to hike up the leg of my shorts so my cock could stick straight out. Then she put it in her mouth.  I felt her hand cup my ass and pull me into her mouth further than I thought it could comfortably go. Jesus, I thought, am I in her throat? Can she even breath?

Trying to concentrate became real difficult. Was I supposed to continue marveling at her tits or abandon them somewhat and focus on her warm mouth on my cock? Just then she pushed me back and stood up before throwing me down on the chair. A quick tug at her bikini bottoms and she was on top of me.

I felt my cock slither up into her hot MILF pussy. She thrust her huge tits into my face and I sucked on them. I didn’t care that they tasted like Coppertone. I was in heaven and my friend’s hot mom was my own personal angel.

She must not have had sex for a while because she came awfully fast and I know I am not “that good” in bed. Once she was done with her orgasm she backed off of me and began sucking my cock like a true porn star. Between her methodical stroking and her tongue working my cock head it didn’t take long for me to blow my load into her mouth.

To my amazement she swallowed my sperm. Another first for me. All of my girlfriends had always spit. Why did her husband leave again?

From that point on I made sure to help out my friends hot mom when ever my friend was away at his dad’s house.