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Porn is going to shit in a fucking hand basket. It sucks. With all of the studios consolidating it seems like every porno made is a copy of somebody else’s shit or style. So what is a guy to do when he is looking for amateur MILFs getting fucked? I have the answer!

The site has been around for a while, but recently it got a lot better. What is different? Now they let you upload your own videos. Once that happened they were flooded with amateur couples sending in videos of their sexual exploits. The sweet thing is that it is all new. The girls are new. The positions are new. The excitement you used to feel when watching porn is back!

With Pornyeah.com you can watch an unlimited amount of porn. You don’t even have to join the site. Should you choose to join (for free) you get added benefits like saving your favorites so you can get instant access to them the next time you are on. It is also great because you can login on your phone and get them there as well.

Porn Yeah is making porn a participatory sport!