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This guy didn’t get into porn because he did well at school. I bet that is the case for most male pornstars just from a logical deduction point of view but when you think this undercut greasy hairstyle is cool then it’s probably because your IQ isn’t all that high.

But this is not about him and I’ll quit being a cunt now because the MILF in this pic and for that matter all of the MILFs at Reality Kings are smoking hot and I couldn’t care less as to their reasons for being in the porn game, so long as they are.

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My first encounter with a MILF was when I was 20 years old and a recently divorced 29 year old woman with 3 kids was sex deprived and I happened to be around. I’d gladly tell you how I swept her off her feet and what a charmer and hero I was to pull this off but that would be bullshit. She was horny and I just happened to be at the right time at the right place and I was certainly glad about that.




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Levi is used to banging hot MILF pussy since he is a usual at MILF Hunter. Every other week they call on him to shower some hot MILF bitch with his jizz. When he showed up to Misty’s house though, he was in for a treat. It turns out her friend Deesiren had heard of the site and wanted to join them for a MILF threesome!

Not wanting to be a buzz kill Levi let them both know that he was up to the task. In seconds flat he had a cock-rod worthy of a double MILF blowjob and that is just what the ladies gave him!


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She might be over the hill, but she isn’t done yet when it comes to getting rammed full of meat. Claudia is a fan of rock-n-roll. So when her hubby left to tour with his band she took over his store. Worst thing that guy ever did, because Claudia did more than just sell guitars!

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Don’t worry, sweety. We aren’t giving out points for keeping the entire nut in your mouth… In fact, we might even award bonus points just for letting that jizz roll of your chin onto your ample tits!

Monica from MILF Hunter had no idea who the creepy guy was that couldn’t take her eyes off of her. He was cute and it’d been a while since she had some cock. She figured, what the fuck, and let him get closer. Wrong move…

The MILF Hunter moved in for the proverbial kill with lighting speed and razor sharp accuracy. Well… That might be stretching it a bit considering her actually gave her blunt force trauma to her vaginal walls. Her throat suffered a little bit as well…

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