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When Aunt Stacie came over to the house to tutor Jimmy she figured she could really help him excel at school. Unfortunately all Jimmy could think about was how nice it would be to work his cock between Aunt Stacie’s huge tits. Why did she have to wear that low cut sweater? He tried not to look, but it was impossible to keep his eyes off of her huge tatas.

Noticing his distracted condition Stacie figured she would give him a sure fire way to do better in school. If she gave him a blowjob Jimmy would have to promise her to try harder in school and focus more on his homework than her luscious tits. What was the boy to do? So no? Yeah right!

He quickly got his cock out and put it into her mouth. Stacie couldn’t believe how big her nephew’s cock was. When he came she decided to make a show of it and let it spurt all over her face and tits.

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