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Steliana is a sexy MILF that I would give my left nut for a night with.  It just hangs there next to the other, no big loss.  But the chance to bang the hottest  Milf I have seen at Hot Milf Club would be well worth the price.

I could never imagine being with Steliana, I cam just dream of banging this Hot Milf Club sensation.  I would be too worried that she was bangin someone else when I went to work, wouldn’t you  I would have to quit my job stay home, eventually be homeless and have Steliana leave me anyway, so I can just dream about bangin her.  I will miss you left nut.

What I love best about Steliana is her beautiful face… Her lovely curves… She doesn’t look plastic… And she isn’t too jiggly, that is for  a different fetish.  Hot Milf Club gives me  a boner when I think about all the Hot Milfs on their site. 

Steliana on HotMILFClub

For those of you who said you don’t fuck their face when I listed that number one, should look jus a little closer.

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