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I have found my fair share of hot MILFs in some pretty strange places, but I have to say, the bathroom really takes the cake! While going through the ladies at DCUP MILFs I happened on this fiery haired MILF hottie. It reminded me of a buddies mom I accidentally walked in on while she was using the restroom… drunk!


The poor guy’s mom was well known for being a floozy. All of the guys wanted to bang this bitch… bad! She had been wearing way too short of a skirt that night so her ass was always hanging out. It was obvious she was wearing a thong!

I have to admit… I might have barged into the bathroom on purpose, but then, I also think she had left the door slightly open hoping someone would "catch her" by accident.


When I opened the door she was just barely sitting down to pee. I acted all surprised and like I didn’t know what to do. A deer in headlights, if you will. She just smiled at me and asked if I wanted to watch. I said sure, but in my head I was thinking FUCK YEAH!


I didn’t know what to expect seeing a MILF pussy for the first time. I had seen plenty of pussies in Playboy, but never one this old, or one that popped out some kids!

It didn’t look any different to my surprise. Except for the fact that it had a yellow stream of pee shooting out of it. She spread her lips so I could get a better look at where her pee came out of. I guess back then I always assumed it came out of the vagina…


When she was done she wiped and pulled her panties up. Then she asked me if I wanted to kiss her, "Right here?" She pointed at her clit and rubbed her finger across it. Part of me thought it was gross since she had just peed and the rest of me was all for it so I nodded yes.


We shuffled out of the restroom and into her room next door. She locked the door and pushed me down on the bed. Before I knew it I was smothered in this DCup MILFs tits!

She didn’t waste any time down below either. My cock had just enough time to get good and hard before it was smothered in her hot MILF pussy. I can remember thinking about how tight it was and being surprised. I’d heard that men leave their wives after several kids because MILF pussy isn’t exactly tight… I guess those people had never fucked THIS MILFs pussy before!

After several minutes of her grinding on my cock she started moaning and really going to town. The bed was squeaking and I was sure the rest of the people in the house could hear us. She had a huge orgasm. It had probably been a while since she had cummed with a real cock inside her.

When she was done moaning she started back up again. This time her pussy was super swollen. It had already felt great, now it felt awesome!

"Time for you to cum my little pee-pee boy," she commanded.

I said something about not having a condom on and she assured me her tubes were tied. Yet another plus for fucking a MILF!

Up to this point I had never cummed in a pussy before. As added protection I had always pulled out. Even when I had a condom on. It felt good to know my seed was alive and swimming inside her pussy. I got to suck on her huge MILF boobs while I blew my load. Once I was done she cradled me in her motherly arms and laid down on top of me.

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