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There are two type of husbands in the world. One type loves his wife unconditionally. He is ready to grow old with her. He puts her above all else and sees the true beauty she still has no matter how old they both get. Then there is the other kind of husband. To him she is the same old dry dog food he has been feeding off of for years and he is ready to make a switch.

That is where you come in. Now that she is a lonely wife with nobody to talk to, date or fuck she is primed and ready to be your sugar momma on her husband’s dime. How fucking sweet is that? Get hooked up with lonely wives from all over the world. You can be in Dubai and still find a hookup! (though, if that is the case, I’d advise caution!)

If you are a total pussy and don’t want to create waves in somebody’s already rocky marriage you can always try dating MILF women on MILF-a-Holic. There the ladies are usually divorced and looking to start over again. Just be careful because you might actually fall in love on this site.

For me I don’t like dating chicks at all. That might change in the future, but right now I am slammed with a day job and writing blog posts at night. I don’t have time to date.

What I do have time for is having live sex with MILF babes online. Plus, these ladies never know where you live. The last thing I need is a MILF stalker. Not that I won’t go back to MILF dating sometime in the future. But the next time I do, I won’t be taking them back to my place when they are perfectly happy to have me over while their hubby is away on business. Besides, I kind of get a kick out of fucking his wife in his own bed!