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When this newlywed turned hot MILF popped out her first kid her husband became jealous of all of the attention she was showering the baby with. He wanted some of the pampering his kid was receiving and so he decided to try and get some by dressing up like a baby himself.

To his udder amazement it worked. Instead of laughing or crying about his antics, his wife felt her motherly instincts kick in. She couldn’t stop herself when it came to powdering her husband’s butt before putting on his diaper. She thought it was the cutest thing. She also liked watching him suck on her nipples drawing milk. It actually helped to keep them from filling up to fast!

I found this crazy site by looking for good porn sites in Google. A site called Porn Tips came up and sure enough it had all of the kinky things nobody else seemed to want to write about. Not only did they have an extremely informative review on the site, they also had a preview of the members area and a steep discount!

With 66% knocked off the monthly price and 53 sites in the network this one was a total no-brainer. All of the sites in this network are set up by lovers of a certain niche. People like you and me. Real porn surfers turned fan site webmasters. So you know the content rocks!

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