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When it comes to banging My Friends Hot Mom, nobody does it like Billy!

This brother from another mother doesn’t mind taking your mommy in. He is hung and looking for some MILF blowjob action. He is a sly mother-fucker too. He lets the ladies think they are seducing him. That way they go cougar all over his ass!

One look at Deauxma and Billy knew he had to fuck those tits of hers. He was willing to bet his pink slip she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose too. Billy concocted a story about needing a place to stay and possibly dropping out of school. Just like he figured Deauxma took the bait and wanted him to stay the night and receive some carnal tutoring!

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Maria is one Hot Milf, that I’d like to fuck this shit out of just like this black stud in the picture.

Yeah that’s right, a mother fucker I may be…  But the mother I fuck don’t belong to me…  There are some if you that may not be a requirement, any West Virginia visitors.  Just busting you balls, this is definitely one Hot Milf.  

This chick may be a little too young to be a Cougar Milf, but she is a Milf nonetheless.  I would happily explore that pussy and pop my load all over her face.  Very nice.

Bruthas Who Luv Muthas is a different kind of Milf site… Different in this case = good.  Cum take a look Maria and her friends as the get fucked by Young Black Studs.

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Hunter Bryce is smoking hot, I’d fuck her with her kids watching.  I used to go to my Nephews soccer games, and no shit there are plenty of Moms looking for attention.  I was all to happy to give it to them, wished I had took pictures of the Soccer Milfs I banged.

For those of you who are trying to deny it … you know there are some hot ass older ladies out there that have kids. You’ve seen them at ball games, the mall, everywhere. There are more and more hot fucking moms!!  Soccer Milfs brings them to you primed for a fucking.

Hunter Bryce just finished dropping her kids off at soccer and decided to go park her car in the parking lot and enjoy some alone time. Little did she know that the crew was hot on her tail and had their own idea of "enjoying some alone time" with this milf. With a few hours to spare and the opportunity to get some young hard cock, Hunter just couldn’t resist. Watch this slut give "taking one for the team" a new meaning. Exclusive milf fucking in high-def only at Soccer Milfs.


Jenny B. lived her whole life as a girl with a body not a whole lotta guys were interested in. Then it happened. She popped out her first kid and her tits got bigger, her ass got wider. After her second kid things got even more juicy. Suddenly Jenny B. had an hourglass figure. She has guys at the grocery store checking her out in more ways then one. The MILF Jenny B. had arrived.

All Over 30 is the premier MILF site not because it is all hype. Sure, it has plenty of fans and they are very vocal about their love for the amateur models there. No… All Over 30 is the destination when it comes to MILF ladies because it was the first and it broke the mold!

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Most Milfs are horny and undersexed. Some are just in desperate need of a good fucking! Others are bored housewives, lonely divorcees and some just have an insatiable craving for cock. You can watch them get pleasured at MilfsExposed.com.

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Slow down there, Tex. She ain’t going anywhere… Then again, what do I care? In fact, this is more entertaining… FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS BITCH!

MILF Thing doesn’t make droopy MILF porn. Everything their parent company does is top notch and out of this world. They are the leaders of Gonzo style porn. Porn where things get more than a little out-of-hand. Honestly, I don’t think these hot MILF babes had any idea of what they were getting themselves into before they signed on the dotted line and shooting started!

At MILF Thing soccer moms are recruited and given full reign to do anything they want. Before you know it, Mrs. PTA board member is shuttling guys around by their nads and whipping young studs left and right. Do they become addicted? Um… Yeah!

The guy above had better ram this bitch with his cock. This might be the only chance at driving the car he is going to get tonight!

Everything is unbelievably crystal clear at MILF Thing. These people were shooting in high definition long before HD TVs became the norm in most American households. Why? Because your average 17” monitor has been able to handle HD since the year 2000! Like usual, porn set the bar that everyone else had to match.

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The Holiday Season is an energizing time. It is especially energizing for hot MILFs. Women that have been doing the Holidays with their kids and now those kids are gone. Their inattentive husbands are hitting the company parties with some slut secretary on their arms… What are hot MILFs to do?

At MILFs In Heat the ladies are taking things into their own hands… their own pussies and their own anuses!

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Kala got married and popped out a daughter. Once that happened her husband lost interest in her. Even though it gave her a juicy set of boobs and a sweet, spankable ass. When Kala found herself getting upset she confided in her daughter looking for some compassion. To bad the daughter took after dad. She told her mom that maybe dad is right and maybe she should just leave.

For weeks Kala tried desperately to find a way to get back at both of them at the same time. One fateful day the opportunity presented itself.

Kala’s daughter invited her black boyfriend over. She was dating him to make daddy mad and Kala wondered if black guys really do have bigger cocks. She tempted him with a set of tits the size of melons. It didn’t take long for him to come around.

Looks like another episode of Moms a Cheater is ready to wrap up and hit the Internet. Boy is her husband going to be embarrassed when the guys at the water cooler are talking about how they saw his wife smoking a big black cock.

Moms a Cheater follows hot moms as they get back at the men that have done them wrong. Sometimes the women are just nymphos and need a hard cock more often then their old man is willing to give it.

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Meet, or rather, meat Krystal Summers from Desperate Mothers I’d Like to Fuck. With her huge saggy tits and her porn star blowjob technique, this hot MILF is the talk of the town. Guys are lining up to bang this babe. Once she was desperate for cock and now she is overflowing in cum.

DMILF follows the hard up ladies in dire need of man jizz to quell the aching pings in their mature pussies. Ladies who’s husbands won’t touch them, but still have the looks that kill.

Each week a new episode of cougar porn is added. Ladies go out in search of unsuspecting boys in need of some motherly love. They don’t take no for an answer and they have been known to tie their victims up if need be.

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I never thought of Nina Mercedez as a MILF. Someone here searched for her yesterday and I noticed I didn’t have anything on her yet. I looked her up and it turns out she is going to be thirty-three on Nov 10th. In the wacky world of porn that is a bonafide MILF. Which is like saying, if you aren’t a teen you are hot MILF going on mature.

Nina Mercedez got her start in porn as a Vivid girl. She eventually dropped them and went into producing her own movies. She has even directed three of them. All told Nina has been in 54 films and countless single scenes.

Believe it or not this spicy Latina/Italian babe was ugly when she was in high school. Nina made an appearance on a Jenny Jones Show segment titled, “From Geek to Chic.” I am sure all of the guys that turned her down back then are kicking themselves in the ass now!

If you are wondering where you can go to catch all of the Nina Mercedez videos in one location that place is NinaMercedezXXX.com. Not only does the site contain archives of her luscious content, you also get first dibs on her new stuff! Plus, you get access to her production companies new stuff too. There are literally thousands of videos in dozens of niches. You even get daily updates!

Hurry up, Nina Mercedez is waiting for you!

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Danielle Fornarelli didn’t set out to prove to MILF can be both beautiful and a good wife. She is, however, doing a heck of a job!

You can catch Danielle at Playboy’s Sexy Wives. A site dedicated to the women we let get away. No need to feel sorry for yourself about that one though. Now their current husbands are sharing them with you! Naked!!! (The wives, not the husbands)

You can take the $2.86 – 2 day trial and see for yourself why Playboy is The Premier Hot Babes Destination for the entire world. Not only do you get access to Playboy’s Sexy Wives, you also get access to the entire Playboy network! College coeds, naturally busty babes, fresh faces and the not so natural — chesty hotties. It is all included!


For some reason guys have this crazy notion in their heads that MILF can’t be hot. That they are used up old hags. This mode of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality these guys are thinking of mature women and not hot MILF babes.

Holli from MILF Hunter is a hot MILF. She is a new mommy. She is proof that moms can be beautiful and they can even be younger than you are!

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I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity type of guy. Take my friends hot mom Anita Canniball for instance. Her hubby, my friend’s dad, decided to run out on her with his younger secretary. I am thinking, WTF? How do you walk out on this hot MILF?

Anita was always hitting on the guys in the group. She would always ask my buddy if he wanted to invite the guys over for a swim. One day I got a call from her asking if I’d like to come over. I knew my buddy was at his dad’s house for a week so it seemed a bit odd. She noticed I was confused over the phone and said she needed someone to help her with the pool. Leaves and stuff I was thinking.

When I got there my friends hot mom was wearing one of those crochet bathing suits. This one seemed a bit strange compared to others I’d seen because the holes were much larger and I could see her red pussy hair peaking through at me. Not to mention her pink nipples were also poking through her top!

I realized I am staring at my friends hot mom and her tits so I tried to act nonchalant about it.

Once I started on the leaves with the pool net she got to work putting the chlorine in the water. I could swear this hot MILF was bending over way more than was required to do her job. Both forwards and backwards. Now I had to keep my dick from making a fool at of me. My cock was trying to pitch a pup tent like nobody’s business.

When the pool was clean she said now we can enjoy it and pushed me in. I had on a pair of soccer shorts and a t-shirt so it wasn’t like my wallet or my cell phone went in with me. It was odd though. I mean, I know this is my friend’s hot mom and all, but does this bitch really want to fuck me?


She went over to one of her lounge chairs and got a bottle of suntan lotion. I knew exactly where this was headed. She wanted me to rub some on her back and legs. I began at her ankles and worked my way up. It was then that I realized her bathing suit bottoms didn’t have a cotton crotch sewn into them. I could see where my best friend came out of her!

With the sun shining on her backside I could see the light gleaming off of her wet pussy lips. When I got to her back she reached back and undid her bikini top. Her backside was done and it seemed like she had fallen asleep. Shit. This is probably why her hubby left her I thought. I sat on my chair waiting for her to wake the fuck up.

About 30 minutes later she did wakeup. That is, if she was actually sleeping in the first place. I kind’a got the feeling she liked making me wait on purpose. My friends hot mom turned over and lay back down closing her eyes. She commanded me to do her front now.

My hands got shaky when I saw those big tits. I had never experienced a set of tits this big before. Again, I started at the ankles and worked my way up. When I got to her thighs she opened them wider. I got a really good look at that delicious cunt of hers. Her pussy was soaking the bathing suit with her juices. Now I was sure she wasn’t sleeping. She was probably working up the nerve to fuck me.

I moved to her belly and then to her chest. I didn’t know if I should just start rubbing her tits or not. I kind of brought my hands under her tits and almost over her nipples and she moaned. She was loving this. I grabbed the suntan lotion and noticed the bottle was hot from the sun. I let some lotion fall to her nipples and again she moaned.

Time to rub that shit in! Her nipples instantly went hard when I palms ran over them. I couldn’t believe the size of her tits! I used two hands on one and couldn’t even contain it with both hands. I was in heaven. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I was having so much fun rubbing her tits that I didn’t immediately noticed her hand when she ran it up the loose leg of my soccer shorts. She found my cock and went for the head. I was soaked with precum and this hot MILF used to it stroke me off with slow deliberate strokes.

OK, now I was wondering why pops ran out on my friends hot mom again.

She used her other hand to hike up the leg of my shorts so my cock could stick straight out. Then she put it in her mouth.  I felt her hand cup my ass and pull me into her mouth further than I thought it could comfortably go. Jesus, I thought, am I in her throat? Can she even breath?

Trying to concentrate became real difficult. Was I supposed to continue marveling at her tits or abandon them somewhat and focus on her warm mouth on my cock? Just then she pushed me back and stood up before throwing me down on the chair. A quick tug at her bikini bottoms and she was on top of me.

I felt my cock slither up into her hot MILF pussy. She thrust her huge tits into my face and I sucked on them. I didn’t care that they tasted like Coppertone. I was in heaven and my friend’s hot mom was my own personal angel.

She must not have had sex for a while because she came awfully fast and I know I am not “that good” in bed. Once she was done with her orgasm she backed off of me and began sucking my cock like a true porn star. Between her methodical stroking and her tongue working my cock head it didn’t take long for me to blow my load into her mouth.

To my amazement she swallowed my sperm. Another first for me. All of my girlfriends had always spit. Why did her husband leave again?

From that point on I made sure to help out my friends hot mom when ever my friend was away at his dad’s house.


Payton Leigh

There is a new MILF site on the block and this one is breaking the mold. Every MILF site should be modeled after My MILF Story. More than just a porno site, MY MILF Story tells the MILF stories from multiple points of view. You get stories from the guys, from the girls and from the MILFs themselves!

In the episode above John invites his girlfriend Beverly Hills to watch a photo shoot with co-worker Payton Leigh. Beverly gets so hot watching Payton ride the Sybian she has to take a turn. John figures what the hell, why not? Now Payton is the one getting hot and bothered. Beverly offers up John’s cock and the rest is history.

Hot MILF episodes are added weekly and as a member of MyMILFStory.com you also get access to the entire 50 site Brain Pass network. A combination of Silverstone Video, Doghouse Digital and Elegant Angel, the Brain Pass network pulls together the hottest porn producers in the industry.

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That is a nice panty shot if you ask me. I have come to realize that every women no matter her age has a need to be fucked nice and hard.

Even the hot ladies that drive those minivans with the family stickers on the back windshield have a craving for cock. In fact those milfs are usually the kinkiest ones.

That is why some one started a site called MinivanMommies.com. It is all about horny older sluts that have not had young cock for so long. Now they’re just aching to get fucked like they used to before the kids came along.

As a member of Minivan Mommies you get to enjoy exclusive videos of those horny mothers and their adventures. So check it today.

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