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I decided to post about Shannon from Bruthas Who Luv Muthas mainly because I am feeling dirty and she looks like a nasty slut. 

Could you imagine growing up having a dirty slut like this for a mom, Bruthas Who Luv Muthas would say your mom is a hot MILF.  You’d get beat up daily because you can’t let that shit pass, and in calling her a hot MILF they are just saying she fucks everyone and you know it’s true because you banged her too.  You sick Mother fucker, literally.

Well anyway, if you like seeing dirty sick looking MILFS, get banged by Bruthas Who Luv Muthas go take a look at this site.  But I must warn you the majority of the hot Milfs on this site are actually very sexy, there are only a few nasty bitches like Shannon on there.



Watch Maria get a big black cock after falling for a little old fashion chivalry.  When surfing for MILF pictures you usually come across late 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s woman that remind of of a friends mom.  Well this time Bruthas Who Luv Muthas reminds me of my friends younger sister who is 25, and yes she is a MILF.

Maria reminds me of my friends little sister and reminds of ho much fun it was those few days I was fucking her when he was gone.  OK don’t split hairs here, would to like to fuck or already fucked does not matter.  Bruthas Who Luv Muthas just made me want to fuck her again so she is re-classified as a MILF again.  

Visit Bruthas Who Luv Muthas today and see why I am so anxious to go to the promise land again.  You can get a trial period of 3 days for $4.95 so you can see what you are missing.