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I decided to post about Shannon from Bruthas Who Luv Muthas mainly because I am feeling dirty and she looks like a nasty slut. 

Could you imagine growing up having a dirty slut like this for a mom, Bruthas Who Luv Muthas would say your mom is a hot MILF.  You’d get beat up daily because you can’t let that shit pass, and in calling her a hot MILF they are just saying she fucks everyone and you know it’s true because you banged her too.  You sick Mother fucker, literally.

Well anyway, if you like seeing dirty sick looking MILFS, get banged by Bruthas Who Luv Muthas go take a look at this site.  But I must warn you the majority of the hot Milfs on this site are actually very sexy, there are only a few nasty bitches like Shannon on there.



Oh!!! Momma Mia!

I always wanted to open up a hot MILFs post with that line and Mia from Mommy Loves Cock finally gave me the opportunity. That is what MILF porn is all about isn’t it? Opportunity? Like the opportunity to fuck a woman with some experience? A woman that enjoys sex and wants to show you all of the things your coed girlfriend won’t do?

Mommy Loves Cock has some truly hot MILF that are plenty fuckable. Everything from blondes, to brunettes, to redheads. They have the tope skin Southern Belles, the tan lined (ex-)river chicks from days of yore and the all over body tanned hotties managing to hold on to their trophy wife titles to this day!

With your password you get a Mega Porn Access password that is good at over 60 porn sites including Big Cock Crew, College Fuck Fest and more. This is a unique pass giving you access to everything from celebrity porn to crazy shit like Mother Daughter Fuck. Real hot moms showing their daughters how to please a man!


So what is so damn hot about Kristin’s Life? You really have to ask? You have a tight MILF pussy staring you right in the face and you can’t figure this shit out on your own? Kristin dammit!

This hot MILF is fucking sweet. Her tits are great, her body is great, you don’t need a bag for her head, fine ass, nice pussy and she is bisexual. Who doesn’t enjoy banging their wife’s friends? You! Haha…

No seriously… That is why you are here! Kristin’s Life follows hot MILFs as they please whom ever Kristin has brought home. She fucking rules man! Hey… That could work in either context… She rules as cool and rules as a little dominatrix, sassy, MILF bitch!

KristinsLife.com rocks because this horny MILF hottie gives you access to the entire Muffia network! Suddenly you are a pimp with more porn then you know what to do with! Just kidding, I know what you are going to do… Get yourself a Fleshlight so you can rock out with your cock out!

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Back in the day it was dad, and dad alone, banging the babysitter. He rammed his cock deep inside her tight teen cunt after tipping her to keep her mouth shut… except for when it was crammed full of his meaty cock.

These days things have changed. New couples are a bit more open minded than their predecessors and the ladies are getting into the act. Couples Bang The Babysitter updates weekly with a new episode of babysitter sex. Only this time its a threesome!

Watch hot MILFs tag teaming hot teens and get access to the largest porn network ever created. No 70’s porn feeds here. Each site is exclusive and each site is worth your attention!


One thing always holds true, hot MILFs with big tits are better than hot MILFs without them! I guess it is the whole mother thing. We associate mom with bosoms, therefor, having larger boobs just seems more motherly!

You don’t get much more motherly than Kelly Christiansen. Her huge rack is barely containable by her top. Her body screams, "Come fuck me, big boy!" Her curves are gorgeous. Everything about her lets you know you are in for a good time!

There are tons of smoking hot MILF at Scoreland.com. They are the premier big boobs magazine and their archives are loaded with MILF stacked, packed and ready to rock your cock!

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If your girlfriend or your wife has a hot MILF for a mother, you know you have thought about banging them both at the same time!

At Mother Daughter Fuck the fantasy becomes a reality when hot MILFs share their daughter’s lover’s cock. Watch as mommy teaches her daughter a few things about the art of sucking a man off properly!

As a member of Mother Daughter Fuck you also get access to their other sites like Fucked Tits and Penetration Tease. Plus, you get access to two sister networks for a combined total of 60 sites like College Fuck Fest! With several MILF sites in the network you are going to be dreaming happy dreams of creampied mommies for months!


Angelica Sin
At My MILF Story a new hot MILF is added weekly. Let me tell you about my story though…

I met my hot MILFs at a pool in Vegas. They were prowling the place like cougars looking for fresh meat and with my being twenty years younger, I guess they considered me USDA choice. They bought me several drinks at the pool bar and one of them started playing footsie with the head of my cock. It was time to move this upstairs!

Once we got to my room I suggested we shower off the suntan oil. I like expensive rooms and didn’t want to get dinged for the stained sheets. We all went into the bathroom and started stripping of our bathing suits.

One of the hot MILFs was bent over in front of me and I have to say, her oiled up ass looked mighty inviting! I made a snap decision… it was do or die. She would either dig it or slap me! My cock plunged right up her ass and to my surprise she started bucking back into me. How often does a MILF fuck you back while you are plowing her booty? I guess she was real hard up for some young stud cock!

The anal action got the other MILF hot and bothered and she plopped down on the toilet in front of my anal partner. Right on queue Mrs. Anal starts lapping her tight snatch like it was made out of cotton candy. I have full view of the lesbo action and my cock is hilt deep inside her tight confines. I gotta tell ya, it didn’t take me long to blow my load!

Watching her young cub get the 1000 yard stare and buck around caused the MILF on the can to cum too. Since the MILF in the middle was still hot and needing some love we made it a very quick shower and then shagged on the bed. Afterwards we headed for some dinner and drinks before another fabulous MILF fuck session!

That is My MILF Story. The site has tons of others. The only difference is that over there you get to watch the action in high definition video. MyMILFStory.com is run by the folks that brought you the Brain Pass, Doghouse Digital. They are in the top five porn producers in the world. Chances are, if you have ever watched a porn DVD, they shot it. Now imagine that same clarity and quality on the Internet!


Slow down there, Tex. She ain’t going anywhere… Then again, what do I care? In fact, this is more entertaining… FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS BITCH!

MILF Thing doesn’t make droopy MILF porn. Everything their parent company does is top notch and out of this world. They are the leaders of Gonzo style porn. Porn where things get more than a little out-of-hand. Honestly, I don’t think these hot MILF babes had any idea of what they were getting themselves into before they signed on the dotted line and shooting started!

At MILF Thing soccer moms are recruited and given full reign to do anything they want. Before you know it, Mrs. PTA board member is shuttling guys around by their nads and whipping young studs left and right. Do they become addicted? Um… Yeah!

The guy above had better ram this bitch with his cock. This might be the only chance at driving the car he is going to get tonight!

Everything is unbelievably crystal clear at MILF Thing. These people were shooting in high definition long before HD TVs became the norm in most American households. Why? Because your average 17” monitor has been able to handle HD since the year 2000! Like usual, porn set the bar that everyone else had to match.

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The Holiday Season is an energizing time. It is especially energizing for hot MILFs. Women that have been doing the Holidays with their kids and now those kids are gone. Their inattentive husbands are hitting the company parties with some slut secretary on their arms… What are hot MILFs to do?

At MILFs In Heat the ladies are taking things into their own hands… their own pussies and their own anuses!

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