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Don’t tell my girl, but Tia Ling from Unlimited Milfs looks exactly like her Mom.  I always fantasized about banging her mom and would try and sneak a peak her and there, but until now it was more flirting than anything.

When I was surfing around I came across Unlimited Milfs and saw this picture, then I really came across this picture.  My girl is fine and all, a definite product of her mom.  But there is something about the way Tia Ling (MY GIRLS MOM) looks at me, I can picture her saying with her accent.  “Yu know yu want sum, can yo handle it, yu no tell me daughter”. 

Unlimited Milfs has either set me in the right path, or has given me the outlet to experience my girls mom without jeopardizing anything.   So whether or not I grow the sack to pursue this exciting new proposition or not, in the mean time I can enjoy the thought of what could be. 

Now the other thing I noticed at Unlimited Milfs is they have a lot of hot ass moms, pick you flavor of the week.  Bang an Asian Milf this week, Latina next, like brunettes, blonds, ebony, they got you covered.