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Let’s keep it as real and honest as we can, yes It involves fucking and we all know that there’s no shame in that game. We are sexual beings and even more so for a women of age that knows what she wants in life. Deep down we’re just pure animals. It’s inescapable. Biology does drive us and if you pair this with what I just said earlier, you can make peace with this core biological fact so you become a lean mean sex and pussy getting machine. Unfortunately, most guys think that they have to overthink things. That’s why most guys who tried their hand at cougar dating and anything that had to do with finding online anonymous sex, fail again and again. This site sets you up for success!

It’s not because they’re dumb. It’s not because they’re not horny. In fact, they are extremely horny. It’s not any of that. It has something to do with the fact that they let their reasoning or what they mistake for reasoning and logic get in the way. You have to remember that you already have the power to achieve what you want in your life. I know that sounds crazy. I know that you’re probably telling yourself that because somebody did something to you or something fucked up happened in the past that you somehow someway cannot rise to the occasion.

The problem is the only person that can hold you back is yourself. You’re obviously not doing such a good job on it because you’re not getting as much pussy as you otherwise could be getting.

So, instead of trying to be all in awe of your perceived logical prowess, recognize the animal side of our personality. Welcome it, embrace it. Let it drive you forward. I’m not saying you should become an animal and have the morals of an animal. What I’m saying is that you should let the primal energy of the sex drive ignite your powers of creativity, imagination, and most importantly, empathy. If you’re able to do that, all sorts of things would be possible to you as far as your sexual conquest and pleasure go.

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